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Yoga and Cleansing go hand in hand

Your body perfectly is designed to eliminate waste on it is own, but who can relate to feelling sluggish and run down at times? Our bodies can become so overloaded with toxins that they struggle to do their job properly. This may be due to a particularly stressful stage in your life, a diet filled with processed food and alcohol, or a lack of exercise.

I recommend embracing an Aloe Vera Clean Cleanse for 9 days every 3/4 months to reset, recharge and most importantly re-balance your body from the inside out.

Aloe Vera along with a healthy fresh food diet and plenty of water and yoga provides the perfect way to give your body an extra squeeze. You will feel brand shiny new if you get a little bit of yoga in every day.

The body eliminates waste through its circulatory system, digestive system and lymphatic system. Through yoga and aloe, we can help the body eliminate impurities such as carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and lymphatic fluid, and allow oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to flow to the organs.

Here is a simple sequence that I am enjoying right now whilst on my C9...If you'd like to join me on a cleanse this month, don't forget that I am also giving away £250 to one lucky participant!


p.s...The C9 RRP is £111.96 but if you'd like to become one of my VIP customers drop me a line and you will be able to save £15 and a further 15% off for life!