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Oh, Crumbs!

We’ve all settled for them at one point in life be it in an unfulfilling relationship, career or friendship.

You know, the “crumbs”.

In my early twenties I had 100% convinced myself that the "man” I was obsessively attached to was THE ONE, even though he cheated on me with anything with a pulse and was physically and mentally abusive.

I then got myself “stuck” in a job where I worked my butt off, lining the pockets of someone who could barely be bothered to make eye contact or even remember my name at times.

And yes, I admit it…even in my late thirties I have gone the whole hog and been left raw by "friendships" where I was merely a “commodity" in someone else's agenda.


Why do we do this?

We are smart, educated human beings yet sometimes we allow ourselves to settle for things that just straight up, aren't good enough.

(The word to note above is ALLOW)

I believe that life doesn't happen to us, it responds to our every move and when we eventually get to a point where we see our own worth, the crumbs disappear. We chose not to be hopelessly attached, stuck or even a commodity.

I am also a huge believer that regret is a waste of energy so I am truly grateful for all of my crumby experiences as they make me understand what true love, true purpose and true friendship really are!

The next time you catch yourself nibbling on the crumbs of what life has to offer instead of the whole slice of cake (with whipped cream and a cherry on the top) STOP! Put down your fork and remind yourself that you are worth more.

YOU ARE WORTH MORE and life is far too delicious to be rationed by crumbs.