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Juju Hats

Say hello to prosperity, tradition and experience the Law of Attraction in your life!


I have always been a huge believer that our thoughts shape our reality and it is a FACT that what we surround ourselves by and focus on will be drawn in to our lives!

Why not pick a beautiful bespoke work of art for your home that represents what you are focused on attracting more of?

Whether you desire more LOVE, LUCK, POSITIVITY, PASSION or ABUNDANCE these beautiful one off, hand made wall hangings will inspire you to you keep working towards your dreams every time you look at them.

Choose the one that stands out to you and contact me to order in either small, medium or large. The price includes shipping from the village where they are handmade in Cameroon, Africa.

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At the heart of the Juju hat project is the desire to give back. That’s why first and foremost we work with talented artisans promoting fair trade helping them to sustain their craft. Life in Cameroon is particularly difficult as they don’t have government aid, so our partnership relationships alone help to feed many families. 

What’s more, for every Juju hat purchase made, we are committed to giving back to Cameroonian children and young adults in need. School fees, health care and basic products are often taken for granted, but sadly for many having these basic rights are not guaranteed.

Here are the creative team of 17 boys under the age of 18 who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Hosted by 3 amazing staff, the boys receive shelter, support, guidance, education and a hot meal per day all completely financed by donating part of our revenue.

My good friend Chloe who founded this incredible team is also heading up the African side of my Forever Living team so this is most definitely a labour of love with shared interests and values!

Nat x. 

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