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Yoga at Work

It's not a cliche it's a proven fact!

Exercise during work hours boosts focus and helps to avoid that mid-afternoon "brain fog".

Every CEO from Arianna Huffington to Mark Zuckerberg meditates, and studies show it can sharpen and sustain attention.

Apple allows 30-minute meditation breaks and Nike has 'quiet' rooms for that very purpose...why not your work place?


A healthy team is far more motivated, focused and productive.

Healthy, less-stressed employees are far less likely to be off sick, they have more energy and tend to have a “can do” attitude.

They are also far more likely to set and achieve goals.


Book your office yoga session now!

The maximum recommended group session is 30 people but often we hold classes for 2-4 people.

We can offer early start times to fit in with your work place schedule.


Office yoga sessions are suitable for all levels of fitness and with mats and all other equipment provided all you need to supply is the space.


Reward hard work, motive and inspire your staff!



1 hour - £75

1.5 hours - £90

2 Hours - £100

I am also available to contribute as a guest teacher on your work/yoga retreats. 


Are you ready to transform your health and wellness and embrace positive change?


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At FREEDOM LIFESTYLE we are passionate about providing our clients with the correct, sustainable solutions to feeling and looking like the best possible versions of themselves.

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